MMA Gear - Ultimate MMA Bag

The new Live Love Fight Ultimate MMA Bag is the finest Mixed Martial Arts gym bag on the planet. Most MMA bags were originally gym or military bags rebranded for MMA. Every inch of the Ultimate MMA Bag was built from the ground up and engineered for real fighters and their gear. Made of military grade Hemp Canvas, this bag is large enough to carry headgear, boxing gloves, shin guards, pads and much, much more.

The most unique feature about the Super MMA Bag resides in its ventilated gear and clothing compartments. After training, allowing sweat soaked gear to sit for long periods of time is the quickest way to ruin expensive leather gear and its foam padding. The Ultimate MMA bags massive main ventilated compartment allows for faster drying, making gear last longer and decreasing bacterial growth. The wet and dry clothing compartments are another highly functional aspect of the Super MMA bag. With these unique separate compartments, there is no need to place your clean and dry MMA clothes in yesterday’s wet gym bag.

A thing of the past also will be digging through your bag looking for your personal effects. With the large outside quick pockets, you can have immediate access to your phone, keys, money and other important items.

If you are looking for the very best technical gear bag, the Live Love Fight Ultimate MMA Bag is the clear choice!

  • The only bag made specifically for MMA (29x14x13)
  • Made of military grade Hemp Canvas and Nylon
  • Ventilated main compartment (24x14x13)
  • Wet & dry compartments (13x14x3)
  • Side "Quick Pockets" for easy access to personal items
  • Heavy Duty Zippers adjustable shoulder strap

*ONLY 119.99

*Limited time only